GrunTea Tea Kit

GrunTea Tea Kit


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Want to make GrunTea but don’t have the right tools? Look no more – the essentials are all here in this accessory kit.

Just bring your own teapot!

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Chopping Board:
This chopping board is perfect for cutting up and grating your ginger, without dirtying a huge chopping board or your bench-top.
Measurements are 16cm x 12cm and 2cm thick. Lovingly hand-made, they will look great in your kitchen. You can also sit your teapot or any other hot items on it!

This board is made from untreated Meranti, from our local timber supplier.
It has been cut to size and sanded to a smooth finish – with all edges nicely rounded off. It is then rubbed down with vegetable oil. After this has soaked in a while, it is wiped clean.
As these are natural timber, each one is totally unique. Some are very uniform, and others have wavy patterns and small knots in them. You will be sent a random one from the pile.
To preserve your board over the long term, we recommend giving them a refreshing oil rub every month or so.

Fine Grater:
The perfect tool to grate the ginger for your zingy cup of GrunTea. Conveniently sized so you don’t have to wash up a massive grater, and easy to pack and travel with.
Grating area is 10cm x 4.5cm. Handle 9cm long. It is made of stainless steel.

These little graters are great (LOL) to have around, and you will likely find yourself using them for other kitchen jobs as well. But be careful, when brand new they are very sharp, and you don’t want to add a little piece of You to your tea!
The small size of the bladed holes means the ginger will be very fine, with much more surface area exposed – this means far more flavour will be extracted into your tea. Mmmm

Tea Strainer:
The perfect tool to get your tea into the mug with a smooth and silky consistency – by filtering out all the chunky stuff! Big enough to hold a cup or two’s worth of spice, tea leaves and ginger when serving your tea. You can either throw these out, or put all this chunky stuff back into the pot for another reheat (if you are brewing 2 – 5 mugs in one go), and if you want to keep the strength growing.
Approx. 9 cm diameter for the strainer, and made from Stainless Steel.

Tea strainers can sometimes be hard to find… and these little stainless steel ones are great. They have a fine stainless steel mesh, so they are sure to make your tongue happy – by filtering out all you don’t want, thus creating a smooth tea.

** Please note: some of the spices in our tea are very finely ground, and so even with this awesome strainer, you will still get a little ‘gritty’ slurry at the bottom of your mug. Some folk swill it down, but others prefer to avoid getting it in their mouths.

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