GrunTea Nettle Tea Chai – 130g Bag

GrunTea Nettle Tea Chai – 130g Bag


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This 130g bag of Nettle Tea Chai offers up to 45 serves per bag.

A smooth and silky combo, (especially when adding a kick of fresh ginger), and totally caffeine free; Turmeric Nettle Tea Chai can be enjoyed day and night. It has all the same spices as our green tea version, simply swapping the green tea with nettle leaf. Try some of our tasty turmeric tonic today!


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Turmeric Nettle Tea Chai… all about me:
Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, especially when combined with black pepper and healthy fat. So along with the nutmeg, true cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, cloves and adding fresh ginger to the brew, the alchemy gives this tea a rich flavour with many beneficial properties. The nettle leaf combines beautifully with the spices to give a more mellow but still tasty flavour that relaxes you at night and comforts you in the day. However, you can still make this tea to your own particular taste – as rich or mellow as you like!

You can make up a thermos if you want to have it handy all day!

Nettle is known as a natural remedy which has great anti-inflammatory properties, helps with digestive problems, and also helps to control the itching and sneezing associated with hayfever – amongst many other benefits.

But really, most folk love GrunTea Nettle Chai for its lush flavour!

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5 reviews for GrunTea Nettle Tea Chai – 130g Bag

  1. Hamish

    Oh My God! This stuff is soooo delish. Who would’ve thought a chai tea with nettle in it, could taste so good!

    I am a convert.

    I thought the Green Tea Chai was good ( and it is – it’s helping me get off the coffee ), but THE NETTLE…. Has such an amazing, smooth flavor.

  2. Luke

    I love chai, but this is a whole new level of experience.
    I am almost lost for words.
    This tea is turning me into a tea snob. LOL

  3. Jess

    Best. Chai. Ever. I don’t do caffeine so this is a great way to enjoy a full-bodied chai without staying up all night or getting the shakes LOL. Not a huge tea drinker, but this is slowly converting me!

  4. Al

    Love the Nettle Grun Tea – it taste really good. Highly recommend it for those wanting a caffeine free brew. It’s great by itself, with coconut milk or any other non dairy milk. Good on the Grun Tea Team for promoting a healthy plant based vegan life style.


    I had a chest infection for a month, not even antibiotics could get rid of it. 3 cups was all it took and it cleared right up! Significantly cheaper too!

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