The Emporium Team

Introducing the team members

GrunTea Emporium is a small business based on the Atherton Tablelands, Tropical North Queensland. Like in our business, we strive in our lives to live a Heart Based Lifestyle. We do this by regularly checking to see if there are any other areas where we can embody greater harmlessness, more efficiency, or where we can use our collective energies and resources to help others and the earth more. This approach has naturally led us all to become kind vegans, but even more than this – we all choose to avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. This is just our personal choice, as a genuine expression of living in compassionate harmlessness.

Through our deepening journey together, as we have considered the place and role of our business in the world, we have come to realise that isolation (or lack of community and belonging) is a growing condition in modern life. And this is leading to higher rates of anxiety, depression and suicide – so we decided to do something to help! Through Heartstorming (like brainstorming, but just using a better part of ourselves), our ConnectiviTea Initiative came into being. It is a wonderful feeling to work together with your friends on a “benevolent project”, with the primary intention of helping others.

Collectively we bring a wealth of different and complimentary skills and experiences to the Emporium, along with some amusing personality quirks. Some of these are shared below with some happy snaps of us…

Jocah Le Fey

GrunTea creator,  package and brand design, humourologist

Kylie Smith

Website designer and branding development, whip-cracker

Darran ‘Dee’ Butler

Marketing manager and enthusiasm generator

Alison Eaton

Key researcher, sales and happiness ambassador

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