GrunTea is Here!

Hello and Hail to the DeiTeas – the Muses that guided us in how to put the Grunt back into healthful hot drinks! LOL

  • If you are looking for a beige, mellow drink that does NOT tantalise your taste buds… Move right along, there’s nothing here for you!
  • If you are Unconcerned by what you put in your mouth, and whether it is good for you… Then you should leave with the first bunch!

For this is the home of GrunTea – Tea with Grunt! The tastiest turmeric tonic in town. Yes, Turmeric Green Tea Chai, and Turmeric Nettle Tea Chai.
GrunTea is your New Hot Friend! Your wingman for wellness, without compromising flavour!

GrunTea Chai is spiffy and new – a magical alchemy of flavours.

By adding turmeric we have brought even more healthful benefits to a drink already bursting with them – and by replacing the black tea with green tea or nettle leaf, we have reduced or removed the caffeine altogether. These teas therefore bring together anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant qualities: as well as improved digestion and alkalinity for the body – to name but a few of the many healthful benefits of drinking GrunTea!

You can read the full list of the health giving effects here.

Here at GrunTea Emporium we handcraft all our teas with Love, right here in Tropical North Queensland.

We, and many of our friends and loved ones, have been drinking our GrunTeas for years – and now it’s time to share it with you! So many have tried it and wanted to buy it from us, but it was not available – so we surrender LOL!

We are now releasing our tasty little secret, so everyone can have a New Hot Friend. And let’s face it, we all want one of those!

So if you want to enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits of a great flavoursome cuppa, while reducing or eliminating caffeine… GrunTea is for you! Right now you can buy our teas, and an assortment of gadgets to help you brew it, right here from our website.

However we are also rolling out GrunTea into cafes, health food stores and hot ‘n’ fresh at events in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out for our cheeky selves and tasty tea… You never know where we will show up next!

Why did we create GrunTea?

This is best answered in the words of its creator, Jocah:

“I originally created the Turmeric Green Tea Chai because of a health crisis I was enduring, in the form of severe fibromyalgia. I was completely crippled by the pain, spending days or weeks stuck on the couch, barely able to move. In that time I read about turmeric and its amazing anti-inflammatory effects, so I decided I wanted to include it into my diet, to see if it would help.

I should note that I could have bought supplements; but I believe supplements, if used at all, should be supplemental to a health giving lifestyle – and I knew I needed a change to my everyday livingness. Therefore I wanted to include turmeric into my lifestyle, throughout my day – in its wholefood state.

Learning that the active ingredient, curcumin, was better absorbed if black pepper and healthy fat were consumed at the same time, it dawned on me that the handmade chai I enjoyed might be able to be adapted. So I got to it – filled with hope. As I was already and grinding my chai spices in a mortar and pestle, it was easy to start tweaking the recipe. However, as if blessed from above, the very first attempt worked brilliantly – and it had quite the grunt – and thus GrunTea was born! Rich in flavour AND healthful benefits. Mmmmm

Then, to my delight, my quality of life started to improve, with reduced pain and greater mobility. Clearly the turmeric and other potent spices were working their healing magic within me!”

So that is how GrunTea originally came into being. But it didn’t stop there…

Being sensitive… the small amounts of caffeine were too much for Jocah to drink after 4pm, and so he began looking for something to swap with the green tea – so his GrunTea could be enjoyed in the evenings. Not so blessed this time, much research and testing ensued. Finally nettle leaf proved to be a perfect match and so GrunTea’s Turmeric Nettle Leaf Chai came into being.

As to why we are creating it for sale? Well that is because almost every single person who has tried GrunTea, has fallen in love with it and wanted to buy it – so we simply had to make it available for everyone!

So get some healthy Grunt into your life – whether you drink it for its healthful benefits or just for its delicious taste – build deeper connections by sharing a cup of hot stuff with those you love!

Enough talking … let’s brew some GrunTea!

Yes, I totally agree – let’s get down to the important stuff – brewing some awesome Tea!
Just follow this link and you will be on your way in no time! Enjoy!

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