“I only use the best for my clients!”

I really enjoyed GrunTea as my morning ‘pick me up’ tea. I love that it is packed full of beneficial herbs and spices and taste. A high quality organic tea! As a professional caterer for health and yoga retreats, I only use the best for my clients. The green tea chai was a great starter for the day, and the nettle option was the perfect evening drink. Everyone loved the teas for their taste, health benefits and quality. I even had people commenting that they looked forward to a cuppa and were asking me where it was – even before it had finished brewing!! I highly recommend giving the tea a try, no doubt it will be a hit!

– Laszio, Professional caterer for health and yoga retreats

“Tasty & Healthy!”

I started using Green Grunt at the start of the year and I love it!  It tastes as good as it smells, and it makes me feel both comforted and nourished.  I love the turmeric element for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s helping me to cut back on my coffee intake!  Thank you for making such a tasty AND healthy tea 🙂

– Amanda, Turmeric Green Tea Chai Lover

“It has really helped my health journey”

I’d been wanting to incorporate more turmeric, ginger and green tea into my diet, for their anti-inflammatory and health promoting benefits.
But was looking for something different… something delicious!
GrunTea does this in the most delicious way, with its smooth, punchy flavours and aroma. It has really helped my health journey as I now start every day with a warm health enhancing GrunTea.

– Courtney, Owner – The Modern Day Hippy

GrunTea has earned a spot in my kitchen”

From the first time trying GrunTea I fell in love with this comforting, tasty and healing beverage. The unique mixture of turmeric, green tea, fresh ginger and chai spices was unlike anything I’d had before. Plus it’s all organic! I like to brew my GrunTea in half water and half coconut milk. I make a big pot of it, strain it off and keep it in a pouring jug in the fridge. Perfect hot or cold, GrunTea has definitely earned a spot in my kitchen cabinet.

– Yze, Awesome vegan chef

GrunTea is the nicest tasting chai”

GrunTea is the nicest tasting ‘healthy’ green, chai, or turmeric blend I’ve ever tasted!!!! As well as contributing to your wellness every day, it’s also great when you feel a cold, fever or sickness coming on, it nails it in the butt!

– Maya, Intuitive Kinesiologist

Absolutely Delicious!”

I wanted to let you know that I really love your Nettle & Turmeric Chai Tea Blend I recently brought from you.  It is absolutely delicious! Many thanks & kind regards, have a beautiful day!

– Kathleen, Tea Lover

“The nicest Surprise!”

I am more than happy to tell the world that GrunTea is just the nicest surprise I found during that really hard year we all just went through. I went to my local cafe for a take-away coffee and my friend the barista suggested I try this tea they had just got in – and it was yours! I loved it from the get go. Now I drink for the gorgeous warm, rich taste, but am thrilled to bits that it is also great news for my arthritis! Win, win for me. Thanks for all the care you take with it and for making such a beautiful blend of goodness.

– Julie, Turmeric Nettle Chai Tea Lover


I have been drinking Gruntea with grated ginger, and dark brown sugar, early morning for four months now.  I am very pleased with this product.  My aches and pains have disappeared, amazing!

– Gloria – Turmeric Chai Lover

“I drink it when I feel like a treat”

I have been drinking Green GrunTea for 2 months and am loving it! I drink it when I feel like a treat as I love the process of making it and it tastes great! It has replaced the naughty snacks I was eating in between meals too so win win!

– Kerry, Owner – Escape Beauty and Wellbeing

“This tea has ‘Grunt’!”

What I like most about this tea is unlike most herbal teas this one has character or “grunt”. When you add the coconut milk you end up with a rich and spicy tea with the health benefits of turmeric and a full bodied chai taste. Highly recommended.

– Alec, Lifelong tea connoisseur

It’s such a high vibration tea”

Nettle GrunTea is my absolute favourite of the many turmeric lattes and teas I have tried. I can drink it all day and night. It has such a great balance of flavours and ticks all the boxes ensuring the bio-availability of the turmeric. It’s such a high vibration tea, not only because of the plant properties and how and where they are sourced, but it is also created with super conscious love, intentions and good vibes.

– Caitlin, Global traveler & tea taster

GrunTea = YUM!”

GrunTea = YUM! I really enjoy the mix of spices & green tea goodness… deliciousness with a turmeric kick xx

– Amba, Owner – The Triple Goddess

tEa. Great tEa, GRUNTEA.”

Ok, I found my new fave tea guys.  Bought a box at the markets in Yunga a few weeks back and I love it – and actually do feel the anti-inflamatory benefits from it! Go figure.  Have a Great week and see you at the next Markets!

– Tom-Paul,  Tea lover

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