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We also love ethical, handmade, and beautiful products. As an Emporium, we have an eclectic assortment of odds and bods, all hand selected to add a bit of beauty, fun or lush to your life. Our signature products are GrunTea – tea with grunt! and Chocolate Lotus – delicious superfood drinking chocolates, which we handcraft with Love, right here in Tropical North Queensland. You can buy these teas, the choc powders, and an assortment of gadgets to help you brew them, right here from our site. Be sure to also check out our brewing instructions, if you want to see the magic in action!

We are motivated by Heart Based Values

GrunTea Emporium therefore strives for wisdom, harmlessness, beauty and true sustainability in all that we do – all with a hearty sprinkling of lightheartedness. Love is who we are and how we live. At every level of our business we work to ensure we are in alignment with our values. Always asking: “How can we be even more Heart Based? Is there anywhere else we can be more conscious, loving, authentic and responsible? Where else can we reduce our eco-footprint?” If our heart speaks to your heart, please browse through our shop… Maybe you’ll discover some delightful or unusual hidden treasures.

Let us introduce your new hot friend!

What is GrunTea?

GrunTea is a healthy twist on traditional chai – something spiffy and new. A 100% organic chai tea, loaded with turmeric, which is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory qualities.

Another twist is that we have removed the black tea, replacing it with either green tea or nettle leaf. This reduces the caffeine content or makes it totally caffeine free respectively – without compromising flavour!  These innovations, combined with all the healthful qualities of the other spices, and not forgetting its divine flavour, means GrunTea really could become your New Hot Friend and your wingman for wellness! Our About GrunTea page will tell you more.

Look here, if you would like to learn more about the healthful qualities of each ingredient.

Brewing Videos – Step by step guides

Brewing Video

How to brew a cup of GrunTea Turmeric Chai Latte.
Duration 2.17 mins

Brewing Video

How to brew a cup of GrunTea Turmeric Nettle Tea Chai.
Duration 3:15 mins

Brewing Video

How to brew a cup of GrunTea Turmeric Green Tea Chai.
Duration 3:45 mins

Brewing Video

How to brew a 5-cup pot of GrunTea Turmeric Chai Latte.
Duration 2.42 mins

Brewing Video

How to brew a 5-cup pot of GrunTea Turmeric Nettle Tea Chai.
Duration 4 mins

Brewing Video

How to brew a 5-cup pot of GrunTea Turmeric Green Tea Chai.
Duration 4 mins

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Essentially Lush Bloggy Stuff

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This blog is a collection themed around our essential values, lush perspectives and other hand selected stuff. Some posts may be light and easy, and others will most certainly dive into the depths – exploring the human condition, the nature of our reality, and how to bring more Heart into all aspects of life and living.

What others say about our Products

GrunTea = YUM! I really enjoy the mix of spices & green tea goodness… deliciousness with a turmeric kick xx

Amba, Owner - The Triple Goddess

I have been drinking Green GruntTea for 2 months and am loving it! I drink it when I feel like a treat as I love the process of making it and it tastes great! It has replaced the naughty snacks I was eating in between meals too so win win!

Kerry, Owner - Escape Beauty and Wellbeing

GrunTea is the nicest tasting ‘healthy’ green, chai, or turmeric blend I’ve ever tasted!!!! As well as contributing to your wellness every day, it’s also great when you feel a cold, fever or sickness coming on, it nails it in the butt!

Maya, Intuitive Kinesiologist

I’ve tried many types of incense over the years, and these ones are right up there with the best! Fills the room with a beautiful scent, and helps me set the space for a serene meditation – and I need all the help I can get! My favourite of all time is Amber, followed by Rose.

Anne, Meditator and works from home

As a professional caterer for health and yoga retreats, I only use the best for my clients. The green tea chai was a great starter for the day, and the nettle option was the perfect evening drink. Everyone loved the teas for their taste, health benefits and quality. Highly recommend giving the tea a try, no doubt it will be a hit!

Laszio, Professional caterer for health and yoga retreats

What I like most about this tea is unlike most herbal teas this one has character or “grunt”. When you add the Coconut milk you end up with a rich and spicy tea with the health benefits of turmeric and a full bodied chai taste. Highly recommended.

Alec, Lifelong tea connoisseur

I’d been wanting to incorporate more Turmeric, ginger and green tea into my diet, for their anti-inflammatory and health promoting benefits. GrunTea does this in the most delicious way, with its smooth, punchy flavours and aroma. I now start every day with a warm health enhancing GrunTea.

Courtney, Owner - The Modern Day Hippy

From the first time trying GrunTea I fell in love with this comforting, tasty and healing beverage. The unique mixture of Turmeric, Green tea, fresh ginger and chai spices was unlike anything I’d had before. I like to brew my GrunTea in half water and half coconut milk, strain it off and keep it in a pouring jug in the fridge.

Yze, Awesome Vegan Chef

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