This blog is a collection themed around our essential values, lush perspectives and other hand selected stuff. Some posts may be light and easy, and others will most certainly dive into the depths – exploring the human condition, the nature of our reality, and how to bring more Heart into all aspects of life and living.

GrunTea, Smoothies and Joose Junky

When going to a local market provides a lovely surprise... It was an overcast Sunday morning, and I had decided to meet one of the GrunTea team at the Wondecla markets. There are heaps of really cool little local markets up here in Far North Queensland, but I had never had the chance to visit

A Strong Case for the Use of Turmeric

Over the past 10 years, turmeric consumption has sky-rocketed and global sales are soon to exceed the billion dollar mark. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the  therapeutic value of this “Golden Spice”, which has taken its place among the ranks of super-foods. The Historical Use of Turmeric Turmeric has been widely used in Indian

Are You Living Wholeheartedly?

Every moment is a moment of your life. You are never in practice – This Is It! There’s no time to prepare. Therefore every choice you make has power. “We can’t do this life thing halfheartedly. There’s no time off. There aren’t even weekends.”¹ Every choice is based upon what you value (consciously or otherwise),

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Turmeric – Superstar in the World of Spices

Turmeric’s rise to becoming a superstar in the world of spices has been metaphoric! Turmeric has been trending worldwide on social media for more than a few years now, but does the research back up the health claims?  How good is it for you, really? Curcumin is the main active ingredient in Turmeric. It has

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Is ‘Seriousity’ Crushing the Joy Out of Your Life?

There is a distinct tendency in the health foods industry, an idea that we must be serious, grown-up and mature. In fact this attitude seems to be present in many elements of adult life. Bright colours, light-heartedness and silly fun are deemed childish or immature, and our health and wellbeing... well, this is most definitely

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