GrunTea Green Tea Chai – 130g Bag

GrunTea Green Tea Chai – 130g Bag


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This 130g bag of Green Tea Chai offers up to 40 serves per bag.

With sharp coffee-like oomph, the rich flavoursome zing of a good black tea chai, and much less caffeine… GrunTea Green Chai could really be your New Hot Friend!
Try some of our tasty turmeric tonic today!

** Bulk order – buy 5 bags and get 10% off each bag!**
** Bulk order – buy 10 bags and get 20% off each bag!**

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Turmeric Green Tea Chai… all about me:
Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, especially when combined with black pepper and healthy fat. So along with the nutmeg, true cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, cloves and adding fresh ginger to the brew, the alchemy gives this tea a rich flavour with many beneficial properties. The green tea combines beautifully with the spices to give maximum grunt with only a small amount of caffeine – not too little and not too much. Of course you can make this tea to your own particular taste – as strong and sublime as you like!

A great way to kick off the morning – it also stores well in a thermos if you want to have it handy all day!

Green tea is known as having powerful antioxidant properties, which are believed to help prevent cancer. But perhaps even better… some believe it delays the signs and symptoms of ageing!

So your New Hot Friend comes with great taste and supports you in living a long healthy (and beautiful) life.

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4 reviews for GrunTea Green Tea Chai – 130g Bag

  1. Sarah Jonder

    I had been recommended this new range of turmeric green tea chai’s not long ago and they have become my favorite hot drinks to have during the day. Yummy and so healthy!

  2. alec

    It’s about time someone finally come up with a Turmeric Chai tea brew that’s tastes great. These guys at Grun Tea have put a lot of love and care into this product and you can taste the difference.

  3. Ewen Lacey

    I’m still trying to decide which is my favorite….They both taste so good!

    I’ve been trying to kick the coffee for ages. The Green Gruntea seems to be helping.

  4. Crystal

    The tea of teas… in my humble opinion, this leaves all other chai teas in the dust! LOL Well except perhaps the Nettle GrunTea – this too is amazing.

    The flavour is rich and it has real body. The little green tea kick is nice in the mornings as well.

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