Tea Accessories

  • The perfect tool to grate the ginger for your zingy cup of GrunTea. Conveniently sized so you don't have to wash up a massive grater, and easy to pack and travel with. Grating area is 10cm x 5cm. Handle 12cm long and nice and thick so easy to grip. It is made of stainless steel.
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    The perfect tool to get your tea into the mug with a smooth and silky consistency – by filtering out all the chunky stuff! Big enough to hold a cup or two’s worth of spice, tea leaves and ginger when serving your tea. You can either throw these out, or put all this chunky stuff back into the pot for another reheat (if you are brewing 2 – 5 mugs in one go), and if you want to keep the strength growing. Approx. 8 cm diameter for the strainer, and made from stainless steel and wood.


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